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Nova’s ESG risk mitigation strategy includes conducting thorough due diligence to carefully evaluate the risks factor relating to a mining asset and operator before making any investment decision. We continue to closely monitor both asset and operator on an ongoing basis.

It is vital to our success - and the success of our royalty investments – that the associated mining projects comply with all applicable environmental standards, earn and maintain a social license to operate from local communities and governments, and employ a high standard of governance and integrity.

Nova makes a conscious decision to work with proven, high-quality operators that share our commitment to best-available ESG practices. Many of the operators of Nova’s portfolio assets are industry-leading mining companies with comprehensive ESG programs.


Nova conducts a comprehensive due diligence process before making each investment. This process is performed by management and is augmented, where appropriate, by advisors and consultants with specialized skillsets and expertise.

ESG considerations comprise a distinct component of our due diligence process, and these findings are reviewed closely by the Board’s Environment and Sustainability Committee.

Nova’s entire Board of Directors then reviews all due diligence results prior to making an investment decision.


We regularly monitor our portfolio assets using publicly available corporate disclosure and filings. Our monitoring process includes an ongoing review of the ESG status of the project and of the operating company.